The conditions for establishing a masjid are the following:

1) Waqf (endowment)

i.e. The owner of that land or building which is being converted into a masjid must give up his right as owner, and establish that land or building as a religious endowment.

2) Giving adhan

3) Establishing obligatory prayer

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We must realize the severity of spying on another Muslims life and secrets. Such an act could lead to arguing, curling, and even a dramatic change of events. We are ordered from Allah tala in the Holy Quran to abstain from such inquiry’s.

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Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP)

There is a difference of opinion between scholars on whether its permissible or not to buy shares. According to a great number of eminent scholars of the highest caliber, it is not permissible to buy shares.

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Ruling on Hurmet-E-Musahra

The Scenario that you have mentioned above will NOT necessitate Hurmate Musahra. Merely having wicked thoughts creep up in your mind of either your father, father in law, or any other family member will not be enough to constitute Hurmate musahra.

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Looking at females

It is NOT permissible to gaze at a woman (non- mahram) that is not fully covered in accordance to shariah. Whether that individual is a professor or a fellow class mate. The shariah of Allāh tala takes preference in all our affairs.

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