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Seek Ilm is more than an assembly of scholars, Imams and Islamic jurists. Seek Ilm is a vision and mission to disseminate the traditional Islamic tradition and sciences with the aim of aiding in the fulfillment of the Prophetic Hadith,

طلب العلم فريضة على كل مسلم و مسلمة

Seekilm knowledge is compulsory upon every Muslim male and female.

After offering more than a decade of on-site Alim and Alimah classes to a select local group of individuals, Mufti Yusuf and the rest of the scholars of the Seek Ilm team felt the need to extend and expand the spiritual and academic courses to a broader spectrum of the Ummah. Thus Seek Ilm became a virtual institute consisting of the very same classes, subjects and sciences normally taught in traditional on-site Islamic institutes. 

Moreover, the Muslim Ummah is a very vast and eclectic nation consisting of so many different types of individuals with different schedules, demands and obligations. However, despite all our engagements, we must ensure to fulfill the requirements of the afore-mentioned Hadith.

 At Seek Ilm, we want to ensure that there is some form of class for every individual. For those who are extremely busy and cannot take out much time out of their schedule, there are weekly lectures and virtual halaqas on a wide array of topics pertinent to a Muslims daily life. For those who have a little more time to commit, there are part-time classes ranging from beginner, intermediate and advanced levels for different subjects and sciences. Aside from our normal classes, there are also special classes arranged separately for our pious sisters with female only Muallimahs who have complete Ijazas and Degrees from world-renowned Institutes.  

Mufti Yusuf and the rest of the Seek Ilm team urge you to take the initial step in this spiritual journey and sign up for the upcoming classes being offered this semester. 

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Our goal at SeekIlm is to provide reliable Islamic knowledge at the convenience of your time!

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